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This transformational, self-help book of Body Mind Spirit habits
could change your life forever.

Joy! Joy! Joy!  7 Mind Body Spirit Habits That Transformed My Life

      From the author of the award-winning Think and Grow Young comes this engrossing, true story of transformation to inspire you to live a radically different way.

      Imagine what it would be like to free yourself from chronic high stress and that worn out feeling of mild depression.

      Imagine using simple, proven Mind Body Spirit practices to remain calm and be productive and joyful while the whole world is going crazy.

      How would it feel to soar fearlessly through life, unruffled by the winds of change? And to have real, true happiness!

      Joy! Joy! Joy! is the first detailed self-help guide for you to live happy, seasoned with fascinating stories of how 7 easy Mind Body Spirit habits dramatically and permanently transformed the author’s life, including reversing memory loss, conquering breast cancer and busting the blues. Most of the practices take only 2 minutes!

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       Joy! Joy! Joy! is not about stopping anti-depressants. It's about

  • ending habitual emotional patterns that abuse your body and scar your soul.

  • creating new life-affirming habits, like EFT tapping, Power Poses, dry brushing your skin, meditation and affirmations.

  • providing quick, easy steps on how to relieve stress and have peace of mind.

  • dissolving that lingering depression malaise: the blahs, the blues.
And being filled with quiet joy for no reason.

How Ellen Wood Miraculously Changed Her Life

      Five years after watching her mother succumb to Alzheimer’s Disease, Ellen’s own cognition and memory began a downward spiral (she has the Alzheimer’s gene, APO-e4.)

      Then at age 67, Ellen’s distress became the wake-up call of a lifetime. Determined to do everything in her power to reverse aging, Ellen developed a program of Mind Body Spirit practices that succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. It not only reversed memory loss, it also brought spiritual transformation, relieved stress and anxiety and conquered breast cancer.

      Plus it gave her peace of mind and happiness.

      Ellen knew she had to share this miraculous program so she wrote and published Think and Grow Young, the prizewinning book which lays the foundation for rejuvenation and provides vital first steps. She also began her career as a speaker and columnist.

      When she was invited to help address the depression epidemic of a northern New Mexico town, Ellen realized that detailed instructions for all seven habits were needed and Joy! Joy! Joy! was born.

      Joy! Joy! Joy! is endorsed by four world-renowned medical doctors.

A Personal Note from the Author
      Curled up in my bed, emotional pain gnawing at my belly, feeling spiritually adrift, I couldn’t remember what it felt like to be happy. Or even neutral.

      If this seems familiar to you, I understand and I want to help. Thanks to the practices in this book I’m even keeled now, I have a close connection to Spirit and I’m truly happy.

      I want to share this feeling of “joy for no reason.” Just follow my blueprint and make these daily self-help practices into habits. If you are like me, your day is jam-packed so practices that take only minutes seem magical.

      In Joy! Joy! Joy! I encourage you to stay on track by starting with only 2 practices, then adding more as each becomes second nature. Twelve weeks of Daily Practice Checklists in the back of the book help you anchor new habits and realize deep-rooted joy and happiness, no matter how absurd life gets.

Click Here To Order:  Joy! Joy! Joy!

What Acclaimed Physicians and other Authors Are Saying
About Joy! Joy! Joy!

"In small doses stress can make us feel more alive and creative, but enormous chronic stress can erase joy from our lives – even kill us – unless we have tools to handle our challenges. Joy! Joy! Joy! gives step-by-step instructions for de-stressing and beating the blues, integrated with stories of how seven mind/body/spirit habits transformed the author’s life physically, emotionally and spiritually."
Richard Moss, M.D.
Author & Renowned Inner Transformation Leader

"Even if you don’t have the blues or need to lift your spirits, this is a fascinating read. In Joy! Joy! Joy! Ellen doesn’t hold back – she shares her personal stories, some horrifying, of what her life was like before she developed a program of daily practices that transformed her into a joyful, grateful person, regardless of life’s challenges."
Larry Dossey, M.D.
Author & Leading Authority on Mind/Body Medicine

"Ellen Wood suffered from a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s (having one copy of the APO E4 gene), a history of severe depression and breast cancer, in addition to the usual knocks and bruises of life. Now she’s a dynamo who shares with you the practices that changed her life. Not only that, with her Daily Practice Checklists, she gives you tools to turn them into habits so you too can live happy and fulfilled, no matter what life throws at you."
Terry Grossman, M.D.
Author and Internationally Recognized Anti-Aging Physician

"The time has come to celebrate JOY, every moment of every day. Enjoy the triple WISDOM in JOY! JOY! JOY!"
C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
Author of 30 books on Health, Longevity and Energy Medicine
Founder and CEO, International Institute of Holistic Medicine

"If you've ever suffered from the blues, this is the book for you. Ellen Wood gives step by step instructions for bringing happiness back into your life, even in turbulent times. Joy! Joy! Joy! has personal stories of how these mind/body/spirit practices, once they became habits, transformed the author’s life, including reversing early Alzheimer’s Disease, keeping breast cancer from recurring since 1992 and surviving deep depression. This is a magnificent guide for all of us to live a joy-filled life!"
Lisa Giruzzi
Author, Peak Performance Coach and Speaker

"Small doses of stress can inspire a primal urge to be creative but chronic high stress can sap our energy and cause the blues if we don’t have tools to handle life’s challenges. And in today’s uncertain – sometimes irrational – world, there’s a great deal to stress about. Luckily, we have Ellen Wood’s book, Joy! Joy! Joy!, which gives 7 mind/body/spirit practices to reduce stress and live happy. It’s also a good read and includes stories of how these practices, once they became habits, dramatically and permanently transformed the author’s life."
Dr. Steven Ross
Author and Foremost Authority on Integrative and Functional Medicine

"Reading Ellen's book is like sitting in a comfy and safe place with your very best friend. She tells you about her personal life and shares the progressive steps she took to turn her life around, and that you can take too. Using her tools, you'll discover that you are truly a magnificent being in body, mind and spirit and it will be reflected in the joy you feel."
Lisa Ryan
Author and Chief Appreciation Strategist at Grategy

"Thirteen years ago, before she began her program of daily practices, Ellen Wood was experiencing early Alzheimer's (she has the gene), deep depression and fear that breast cancer would return. Now she is a dynamic teenager living in a strong, healthy, energetic 80-year-old body. She’s also got a beautiful soul. The chapter on Attitude in my book may be my most important one. If you animated that chapter, Ellen would pop out!"
David Kekich
Author and Founder: Maximum Life Foundation

"After retiring as a nationally recognized bank marketing expert, Ellen Wood started experiencing progressive mental decline similar to the early stages of the Alzheimer’s Disease which had claimed her mother. That, plus bouts of depression, a diagnosis of breast cancer and other serious traumas, provided the ‘wake up call’ to change her life. At the age of 67, Ellen developed a program of mind, body, spirit action steps which reversed cognitive decline and restored her mental, emotional and spiritual balance. In 2007 Ellen launched her second career as an author, inspirational speaker and columnist with the award-winning Think and Grow Young. Her message over the past few years has expanded from growing younger to thriving at any age. In Joy! Joy! Joy! Ellen offers step by step instructions for practices to lift your spirits, ward off the blues, and keep you even-keeled and joyful – no matter what’s happening in your life."
Eldon Taylor, Ph.D., FAPA
NY Times Bestselling Author and Leading Authority on Preconscious Information Processing

"If you're looking to bust the blues or maintain joy when life is difficult, you can't afford to be without Ellen Wood's Joy! Joy! Joy! It gives detailed advice with a spiritual approach for combating stress and living happy, including stories of how 7 mind/body/spirit habits transformed her life."
Sharon Frame
Author, Empowerment Speaker and Former CNN Anchor

"Before she began her mind, body, spirit program of daily practices to reverse progressive cognitive decline and grow younger, Ellen Wood never even imagined sharing it with anyone else. But her results were too good to keep to herself so she wrote Think and Grow Young, which lays the mental and spiritual foundation for her program. Now, in Joy! Joy! Joy! we have detailed instructions for the seven practices that, when they become habits, deliver not only youthfulness but also amazing deep, abiding joy."
Dana Micucci
Author and Spiritual Teacher

"In Joy! Joy! Joy!, Ellen Wood has unveiled how to make one's seemingly ordinary life…one with Extraordinary Life. Fortified with soul determination and powerful practices, Ellen elevated her own life. Now she re-gives that which has been given to her: Joy! The Joy of Being! This book sends out a call. It is a call to say yes to the exaltation of our True Nature. Our Essence Self. Our Spiritual Identity. Now…it is up to each of us to accept this invitation. Thank you for your dedication, Ellen.
Mary Saint-Marie
Author and Mystic Artist, Poet, Writer and Spiritual Educator

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